Giveaway Entry Information

Correct Way To Enter:

* Watch my video like the one below.

* Like & Subscribe to my channel, you must be a Subscriber to be eligible to win.

*Click the link in the description to my blog and fill out the Competition Entry Form.

NOTE: You MUST put your exact direct link to your profile in the entry form with the correct spelling DO NOT miss spell your link.

* If you are taken to a Thank-You page "or' you have 0 entries left this means your entry has been successfully stored and you are in the running to win the prize.

* Winner will then be randomly selected after 24-48 hours of the video being uploaded, this may vary and may be up to 3 days depending on the giveaway, if the prize is a expensive set the closing date may be up to two 4 weeks away to get more entries in.

* Winner will then be contacted via me personally adding them via Steam or email and asked to verify there Steam Account Link. If your account link is correct your prize will then be offered to you via the Steam client. 

* All prizes will be held for a Max 7 days in my inventory, if you fail to collect your prize before 7 days the item/s will be given out the the subscriber that posted below you.

* I "may" post another video like the one below stating the winner/s account names or winning comments, so be sure to watch the entire video for your name, and they will be posted in the Completed Giveaways area on my blog.

* Once you have your prize I may (or may not ) remove you from my list as I just don't have room on my list for everyone, sorry in advance.

Enjoy and good luck!

P.S  Remember to provide correct information when filling out the form, I hold no responsibility for incorrect spelling of account names or emails!.


  1. No this ends on the 14th of the April.

  2. i cant find the competition entry form. so i cant fill in the entry form D; where it's?

  3. The entry form is down for the moment due to some issue, will be back very soon.